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  Employing Solid Technology in Water Treatment
Bluetechs, as an organisation, adopts high-tech methodology in the treatment of water for various purposes. From water treatment for drinking water and sewage treatment to water treatment for industrial purposes, the group is engages in treatment of water each for a variety of different purposes.
There is no uniform water treatment technique, as the method applied for the treatment for industrial water cannot be the same as that of the method applied for the treatment of portable water. Additionally, treatment for sewage water is completely different to the treatment used for converting sea water into various applications of water.
The goal of all types of water treatment is to either remove any existing contaminants or reduce the concentration of such contaminants in order for the water to become fit for the desired end-use. One such use is recycling water back to the natural environment without adverse ecological impact.
Some processes involved in treating water for drinking purposes is the separation of existing solids within the water using physical processes such at settling and filtration and chemical processes such as disinfection and coagulation. Biological processes are employed in the treatment of wastewater and these processes involve aerated lagoons, activated sludge or slow sand filters.
Bluetechs, with its innovative and self developed water treatment methodologies, have successfully won the confidence of many clients around the world in their water treatment projects and continue to get orders from different regions of different countries.



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